Elopement at The Graduate Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor, Michigan, was the perfect setting for the union of Aiwen and Valentine, two classically trained saxophonists who met while studying at the prestigious Paris Conservatoire. Their love story transcends borders, with Aiwen hailing from China and Valentine from Russia. Despite the challenges of distance and travel restrictions, their wedding at The Graduate Hotel in Ann Arbor was a celebration of their shared passion for music and each other.

As a professional wedding and elopement photographer based in Ann Arbor, I had the honor of capturing Aiwen and Valentine’s special day in a series of breathtaking photographs. The intimate ceremony was officiated by Aiwen’s stepfather, adding a personal touch to the proceedings. Although Valentine’s family was unable to attend in person due to travel restrictions, they were able to witness the joyous occasion through Facetime, a testament to the power of technology in connecting loved ones across the globe.

The Red iPhone

COVID travel restrictions prevented Valentine’s family from physically attending the wedding. However, they were able to be a part of the entire wedding process, from preparation to dinner, via FaceTime. A red iPhone may seem insignificant to some on the surface, but when given context it’s a beautiful and large part of their wedding story.

The wedding at The Graduate Hotel Ann Arbor

The Graduate Hotel Ann Arbor provided the perfect backdrop for Aiwen and Valentine’s wedding. This iconic venue boasts a unique blend of modern style and vintage charm, making it an ideal location for a romantic celebration. The hotel’s sophisticated ambiance and elegant decor perfectly complemented the couple’s refined taste and love for music.

After the ceremony, a small dinner was held at the Allen Rumsey Cocktail Lounge, located within The Graduate Hotel. The cozy and intimate atmosphere of the lounge provided a perfect setting for toasting to the newlyweds with champagne and indulging in a delectable wedding cake. As a wedding photographer, I had the pleasure of capturing the joy and love shared by Aiwen and Valentine, as well as their families and friends, as they celebrated this momentous occasion.

As an Ann Arbor wedding photographer, I strive to capture the unique personalities and love stories of every couple I work with. Aiwen and Valentine’s wedding was a true reflection of their passion for music and their love for each other, and it was a privilege to document their special day. The Graduate Hotel in Ann Arbor provided a stunning backdrop for their wedding, with its distinctive blend of modernity and nostalgia.

If you’re planning a wedding or elopement in Ann Arbor or the surrounding areas, The Graduate Hotel is a fantastic choice for a chic and memorable celebration. As an Ann Arbor wedding photographer, I am well-versed in capturing the magic of this unique location, and I would be honored to be a part of your special day.

Whether you’re planning a grand celebration or an intimate elopement, your love story deserves to be captured in timeless photographs that will be cherished for generations to come. Contact me, your Ann Arbor wedding and elopement photographer, to discuss how I can help you document your love story in a way that is authentic, emotional, and beautiful. Congratulations to Aiwen and Valentine on their wedding, and may their love continue to create beautiful music together!

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